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Pasta sans pasta

Curiosity killed the cat. And possibly my dinner. OK that’s a slight exaggeration but I’m not sure my latest food experiment was a success. I keep seeing Tofu Shirataki noodles in the grocery store and decided to try them. They … Continue reading

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At the farmers market

I recently paid a visit to the McCarren Park Greenmarket (I’m excited that my new home is very close). It’s quite a small market but has a good selection of fruit and vegetables, along with meat, cheese and a textile … Continue reading

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Are you comfortable eating genetically modified food?

Did you know that the majority of soy, corn, canola and cotton that you buy in the US has been genetically engineered (GE)? The US lags far behind many European and Asian countries with labeling of GE products and regulation … Continue reading

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Bone food

What do fractured bones need to heal? I want my broken radius bone to heal quickly so that I can go back to flying down mountains, running the icy streets and attempting headstands in yoga. Although I can’t control how … Continue reading

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We think, you eat

We know that making our own lunch is better financially and usually healthier but sometimes life is just too busy. Today I had a 2 hour conference call over lunch so I decided to get something  delivered and I’m glad … Continue reading

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The best of the worst

Last week a colleague tried to convince me that Chipotle, the Mexican fast food restaurant, is a healthy lunch option. And I gave him a strange look. Yes Chipotle is doing a great job of drawing attention to its ‘local … Continue reading

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Sun worshipping

What do you do when your front steps look like this? and your car looks like this? and your bike has practically disappeared? It’s tempting to hibernate, drink hot chocolate and watch DVDs. Even Mr Bloomberg wants you to stay … Continue reading

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