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Food is a weapon

Back to food… Tonight I had a delicious dinner at Angelica Kitchen in the East Village, a place I discovered when I first moved to New York and was living nearby. The restaurant is a vegetarian staple in the city … Continue reading

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Don’t buy this jacket!

New years resolution number 2: don’t buy this jacket (or dress or coat or cardigan or skirt or anything else) without really thinking about it first. Everyday I receive emails offering huge discounts or walk past shops with signs like … Continue reading

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2012 the year of productivity

I’m still trying to think of some goals for the new year. Of course I want to be better at budgeting, get stronger, run faster, update my blog more frequently, unsubscribe to all the emails that I never read and … Continue reading

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Three things

Tonight I ran 5 miles, learned where morals come from and made apple compote. I remember only 1 year ago, 5 miles was the furthest distance I’d ever run. And here I am today contemplating a marathon. It’s fascinating how … Continue reading

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Do something about it.

I spent the last week in August at Burning Man, a week long event in the middle of the Nevada desert. When I told people I was attending the event there were typically two reactions: What the hell is Burning … Continue reading

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Guest post: The I Want It Now Mentality

We want it and we want it now! We’ve all been there, in fact some of us spend every waking day in the ‘I want it now’ mind frame. We see it, we want it. We hear about it, we … Continue reading

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Very few things happen at the right time

On Friday, as I was clearing my desk at work in preparation for an office move, I found this old metro card. I really like the quote. Excuses for delayed trains aside, it’s a good reminder that life never goes … Continue reading

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