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That’s the sound of 2011 whizzing past. I can’t believe it’s gone already. I didn’t manage to stop and say goodbye so I’m doing it now, 1 week late. 2011 was a whirlwind of ups and downs. I had some … Continue reading

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As legend goes, the word ‘marathon’ comes from ancient Greece, where Phedippides is said to have run from the battlefield in Marathon to announce that the Persians had been defeated. After running the entire distance and proclaiming the news, Phedippides … Continue reading

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Guest post: The I Want It Now Mentality

We want it and we want it now! We’ve all been there, in fact some of us spend every waking day in the ‘I want it now’ mind frame. We see it, we want it. We hear about it, we … Continue reading

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Even the superfit don’t live forever

Jack LaLanne, Founder of Modern Fitness Movement, died yesterday at age 96. He opened his own health spa in 1936 and was recommending a healthy diet and lifestyle, similar to today’s top nutritionists, on his TV show back in the … Continue reading

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