That’s the sound of 2011 whizzing past. I can’t believe it’s gone already. I didn’t manage to stop and say goodbye so I’m doing it now, 1 week late. 2011 was a whirlwind of ups and downs. I had some firsts: I started my blog, broke my first bone, ran my first half marathon, got my first iPhone, went to my first Burning Man, and attempted snowshoeing and snowboarding. My parents sold their house, I moved office and then moved house, got a new work visa and a whole lot more. Here’s my year in pictures:

January began in London and ended in New York with a trip to Half Moon Bay in California in the middle.

February was for snow, skiing, broken bones and surgery.

March meant lots of physical therapy, a trip to Vermont, a Connecticut casino and a delicious brunch at Brown Cafe.

April is for Easter, getting back into running and a fantastic surprise visit from a long lost friend from Newcastle.

May I went to Boston and fueled myself on bagels in preparation for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

June was a quick month that included an office move, going to see the American Ballet, celebrating birthdays and whitewater rafting in Pennsylvania.

July I swam in an ice cool lake, hiked in the Pyrenees, got a new work visa and visited friends in Newcastle.

August wow McQueen at the Met, mud mayhem and the Burning Man adventures began.

September more playa dust, some delicious Japanese food and Dumbo Arts Festival.

October a new house, trying to understand Occupy Wall Street, Storm King Art Center, lots of pumpkins, art, food and hiking in Colorado.

November volunteering at the marathon, one Chicago sunrise, thanksgiving and autumn leaves.

December winter at last, completing my 9+1, ending the year with snowshoeing and cafe gourmands in France.

Aurevoir 2011, bonjour 2012.

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