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Give and take

Around thanksgiving there’s an eerie sense of quiet and calm in New York City, when people leave their city flats to spend the day or weekend with families in New Jersey, Long Island or even further afield. But one place … Continue reading

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The sky is falling

As Chicken-licken was going one day to the wood, whack! an acorn fell from a tree on to his head. “Gracious goodness me!” said Chicken-licken, “the sky must have fallen; I must go and tell the King.” It almost feels … Continue reading

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It’s all hot air

New York – > Chicago 2.5 hrs 712 miles This week has been non stop, even more so that usual. On Monday I flew to Chicago for a business trip and had the pleasure of staying in the beautiful Peninsula … Continue reading

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Three things

Tonight I ran 5 miles, learned where morals come from and made apple compote. I remember only 1 year ago, 5 miles was the furthest distance I’d ever run. And here I am today contemplating a marathon. It’s fascinating how … Continue reading

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As legend goes, the word ‘marathon’ comes from ancient Greece, where Phedippides is said to have run from the battlefield in Marathon to announce that the Persians had been defeated. After running the entire distance and proclaiming the news, Phedippides … Continue reading

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