Bento lunch delivery ahoy!


Is a great idea.

I love New York because I’m constantly surrounded by intelligent, ambitious and inspiring people. And one of those is Aja Marsh, founder of North Brooklyn Runners and natural foods chef. I’m really excited about her latest venture to deliver vegan, gluten-free, lunch boxes right to your door. I managed to persuade a few of my colleagues (those that aren’t convinced they’ll die if a vegetable passes their lips) to join me in the first pilot run today. And the verdict was two thumbs up; everyone was very impressed and happy they participated. The ingredients were all organic and or locally sourced and the meal, which arrived freshly made in biodegradable plant fiber take-out boxes, included:

  • Late Summer Corn, Arame, and Cucumber Salad
  • Basil Green Beans with Roasted Tomatoes, Toasted Almonds, and Chili Flakes
  • Short-Grain Brown Rice with Cumin Roasted Chickpeas
  • Local Stone Fruit with Mint

In New York fast is the name of the game and healthy food delivery companies are rapidly becoming big business. I personally can’t imagine having all my meals made and delivered for me because I enjoy cooking and deciding what to eat each day (and typically these meal services don’t come cheap). But having another convenient, reasonable and healthy lunch option is definitely welcome. Most days I don’t have time to prepare lunch and there are few nutritious options near my office (aside from The Pump and Pret of course).  So, if today is anything to go by, I really hope this becomes a regular fixture, especially the green beans, which were delicious!

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