At the farmers market

I recently paid a visit to the McCarren Park Greenmarket (I’m excited that my new home is very close). It’s quite a small market but has a good selection of fruit and vegetables, along with meat, cheese and a textile recycling bank, which I donate clothes to whenever I can. I don’t usually go to farmers markets with a plan, unless I have a specific recipe in mind, because I really enjoy wandering aimlessly and selecting whatever looks most appealing to me. I picked up kale, cherry tomatoes, baby sweet peppers, plums and some walnut and current bread. Contrary to popular belief about the expense of organic, local produce, everything I bought would have cost the same if not more in my local grocery store.

The easiest thing to make when you have a handful of vegetables is to make a giant, healthy salad that you can eat for a couple of days so I did exactly that. I cooked the kale and peppers with garlic, ginger and a little olive oil and cooked some quinoa to mix in. Quinoa only takes about 15 minutes to cook and is a good source of fiber, protein, magnesium and iron. A popular Inca food, it’s recently become widely available and touted for its many health benefits. I mixed the cooked vegetables, quinoa and cherry tomatoes with feta and mint. I wonder if it’s because I’m part Greek that I like to add lemon, mint, feta and olive oil to everything or perhaps it’s because it makes everything delicious!

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