Baked peaches with amaretti biscuits

Summer is the perfect time to eat fresh soft fruit, such as peaches, plums and apricots. But these fruits are also great for baking to spice them up or make a dish for a dinner party. Here’s a really quick recipe for baked peaches that I made over the summer. The recipe can be altered easily depending on the fruit or ingredients you have available and makes a healthy but interesting dessert served with yogurt or ice cream. Sadly it’s almost the end of the season for this dish, since peaches are typically ripe between May and September. If you’re wondering the best time to buy fruit and vegetables, Epicurious has a useful interactive map for North America showing what’s in season by state.


  • ripe peaches
  • raspberries
  • chopped almonds
  • amaretti biscuits (I bought mini Almond Biscotti from Trader Joe’s)
  • butter
  • white wine
  • soft brown sugar
  • Greek yogurt


  • Lightly grease a metal baking tray with butter.
  • Cut peaches in half, remove stones and place on baking tray cut side up.
  • Put a little wine, some crushed amaretti biscuits, and a few almonds over the peaches. (These ingredients are optional and you can alter the nuts and biscuits if you prefer.)
  • Sprinkle soft brown sugar on top of each peach half and dot with butter.
  • Place in the oven and bake for about 30 minutes until the peaches begin to brown.
  • Serve in a bowl with fresh raspberries and Greek yogurt.

I also made a similar recipe for baked apricots. Omitting the wine, almonds and amaretti, I simply put some brown sugar and butter on halved apricots and baked them for around 20 minutes. They worked really well for breakfast with yogurt or museli and I cooked them for friends and served them with vanilla ice cream one evening.

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