Places I like: Eat Brooklyn

One of the reasons I love living in Brooklyn is the amazing selection of restaurants and cafes. There a great movement with a number of healthy, sustainable, organic places in my neighborhood, including Urban Rustic, Marlow & Daughters, Ella Cafe, McCarren Park farmers market and of course the new food market Smorgasburg which I visited on Saturday. And there’s always new places opening up which I enjoy discovering. I was excited to stumble upon Eat in Greenpoint last weekend.

I walked past this cute looking place a couple of times before stopping in on Sunday to hide from the rain. The restaurant uses only locally-sourced ingredients and sells pottery that is fired on site. They were very friendly and I’m sure would be happy to create any dish, provided they have the ingredients available. I wanted to try peaches and yogurt (simple sounding I know) but they had run out. As an alternative, they they made me a variation of the dish with goats cheese and raspberries. I was skeptical at how goats cheese could be part of a sweet dish but it worked surprisingly well with the mint, pecans, and maple syrup. I can’t wait to go back and check out the dinner menu.

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