Marathons and mud

I haven’t been running any marathons or even any distance further than 5 or 6 miles since the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May but I have been participating in NYRR races with the hope of running the New York Marathon in 2012. In order to take part without working directly with a charity or being a super fast time qualifier you need to run 9 qualifying races throughout the year and volunteer at one event. So far I’ve run 6 races leaving 3 to go plus the volunteering. I’ve enjoyed getting a little bit faster and am no longer quite as petrified waiting at the start. But I’ve definitely felt my motivation lacking recently; mainly because I’m not training for a long distance goal or to be the fastest runner. So 2 weeks ago I attempted something slightly different. It’s good to shake things up and I always welcome a new challenge.

On Friday 12th August I headed up to Windham, NY with a group of friends to take part in The Warrior Dash: a 5k mud obstacle course. Coincidentally nearby and with the same people I was with when I broke my wrist snowboarding!

I used to love climbing ropes and jumping in the mud at Robin Hill Adventure Park on the Isle of Wight when I was little and now I’ve found an excuse to do it as a grown up (ahem) too. I was apprehensive about the obstacles since I don’t do enough upper body workouts aside from occasional yoga classes and was determined not to break any bones this time. The obstacles weren’t as tough as I had imagined and actually the hardest part of the race was the beginning mile uphill. About ten paces into my jog I had to walk rather than run but luckily I wasn’t the only one and allegedly there was some vomiting at the top from those that did run up the steep incline! I loved most of the obstacles climbing up ropes, jumping over cars and fire and wading through mud. I’ll admit I did get a little bit of help climbing over some rolling logs in the first mud pit and didn’t like crawling under barbed wire on my hands and knees. But the race was great fun and I can wait for the next mud adventure or run in the desert if I’m brave enough next week!

And yes my team name was Blue Balls! Don’t ask!

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