Food inspiration from France

Surprisingly, I didn’t eat typical French food on my trip to France. Rather than going out to restaurants, we made a lot of our meals in the gite and ate very simple rustic style food: baguettes, cheese, salads, yogurt and apricots. There was a small farmers market in Aspet where I was staying and I picked this selection of vegetables, great for salads.

The tomato was beautiful and delicious. A perfect accompaniment for this plate of cheese.

Despite not being in Nice or anywhere near, I was also inspired to make a Nicoise salad: tuna, anchovies, tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, eggs and often potatoes. Traditionally, the salad has artichokes and red peppers rather than potatoes which sounds like a nice combination. Change it up depending on your tastes. We left out the potatoes (and anchovies!) and made the salad with green beans from the farmers market and some fresh herbs from the garden. Refreshing, healthy and a good source of protein and vitamins it’s a perfect summer dish.

This is a recreation that I made when I was back in England because I liked it so much.

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