Love and blueberries

Valentine’s Day may have turned into a commercial occasion but it has been celebrated for centuries. It was established during the Roman Empire in 496 AD and the original Saint Valentine was not a romantic figure but a religious martyr. The word Valentine comes from the Latin valens, meaning worthy, strong and powerful and I hope that love will make me all those things.

In many Central and South American countries, people celebrate friendship as well as lovers on Día del Amor y la Amistad, and I like this tradition. I think love is about more than romance; its about appreciating the beautiful world and people around you. So to honor this day here’s a short love list:

I love life

I love my amazing friends and family

I love that the internet allows me to connect with diverse people and learn about the world

I love that you’re reading my blog

I love Stumptown coffee when they make a little heart in my cappuccino


(since this is a food blog after all)

I love blueberries

Be my valentine?

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One Response to Love and blueberries

  1. Christopher Alexander Khouri, Esquire says:

    Dear Health Food Soul,

    I have a but one request.

    Please can you post one of your delightful musings on the benefits and wonderment of the humble burrito.

    The unpretentiousness and deliciousness of this Mexican treasure, and dare I say it … all food in tubular form, brings many a smile to faces around the world. To capture this would make a great addition to the plethora of “freaking awesome” posts you already have on display.

    Sincerely yours,


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