We think, you eat

We know that making our own lunch is better financially and usually healthier but sometimes life is just too busy. Today I had a 2 hour conference call over lunch so I decided to get something  delivered and I’m glad I did;  Pump Energy Food wins a place on my top New York food places. The company’s philosophy is ‘We think, you eat’ and its menu makes it easy to create a balanced meal with protein and seasonal vegetables and know exactly what you’re eating. Unlike Chipotle, Pump Energy Food’s nutritional content calculator is interactive and updates as you add foods to your order. It shows the calories, protein and sodium content of your meal as well as an estimated percentage of your daily allowance.

I ordered spinach, spaghetti squash, baked tofu, basil tomatoes, cheddar cheese and brown rice with yogurt and dill dressing on the side. It was delicious, arrived 20 minutes after my order and it makes me happy when my plate is full of color.

I also recommend the Pump blog, for interesting articles about fitness and nutrition. Great articles on junk food in healthy disguises: 3 Foods You’d Never Know Were Bad For You, Part II: The Cereal Aisle and MTV’s The Jersey Shore: Best & Worst Food Habits made me laugh. I might have to cut back on my sushi habit after reading that.

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3 Responses to We think, you eat

  1. Liz Kellogg says:

    So glad you’re a fan of The Pump. Wait until you see what we have in store for winter vegetables, launching Feb 7. Btw, you don’t have to cut back on sushi altogether — just the rolls with mayo (usually disguised as “spicy”) and the artificial crab in the California roll. Veggies, salmon, avocado — all good stuff — when rolled in brown rice!

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