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The best of the worst

Last week a colleague tried to convince me that Chipotle, the Mexican fast food restaurant, is a healthy lunch option. And I gave him a strange look. Yes Chipotle is doing a great job of drawing attention to its ‘local … Continue reading

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Sun worshipping

What do you do when your front steps look like this? and your car looks like this? and your bike has practically disappeared? It’s tempting to hibernate, drink hot chocolate and watch DVDs. Even Mr Bloomberg wants you to stay … Continue reading

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Slow down

Stop. Think. Ever stopped to wonder why you do the things you do? Why do you enjoy running? Why is someone presenting a message in a certain way? And where does the food you’re eating come from? The last question … Continue reading

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New food obsession: City Bakery

What’s better that hot chocolate on a snowy New York day? I can’t believe I hadn’t been to the City Bakery before today. It wasn’t cheap but it was worth it for a delicious lunch of cornbread encrusted catfish, smoked … Continue reading

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25% less sodium by 2015

In a recent press campaign, Walmart promised that it will reduce sodium by 25 percent, eliminate industrially added trans fats, reduce added sugars by 10 percent and make healthy food more affordable by 2015. Bill Simon, Walmart’s CEO stated that … Continue reading

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Even the superfit don’t live forever

Jack LaLanne, Founder of Modern Fitness Movement, died yesterday at age 96. He opened his own health spa in 1936 and was recommending a healthy diet and lifestyle, similar to today’s top nutritionists, on his TV show back in the … Continue reading

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I made that: Vegetable and Barley Stuffed Peppers

Thank you to my favorite food blog, Proud Italian Cook for my weekend dinner success, Vegetable and Barley Stuffed Peppers. When I asked the whereabouts of barley in Wholefoods, the shop assistant looked baffled and had no idea what I … Continue reading

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